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 Welcome to Golden-Painters:

One of the  painting services  in the greater Las Vegas area. After completing a seemingly infinite number of residential, interior, and exterior painting jobs, what we've learned is that what matters most is value - doing a quality job at an affordable and fair price. Approaching every project with the same uncompromising level of care, attention, and professionalism, that concept of value is what we strive to deliver and we can tell it's working by the smiles on our customers' faces.


Painting Specialists:

Some might think that painting is an uncomplicated job. While that might be true for a less-than-excellent provider, the exceptional painting services that Golden-Painters  delivers requires an intimate knowledge of varied techniques and principles as well as experience working with all different types of home. We bring true painting knowledge to the table and you'll see the difference from the first moment.


Respecting Customers:

Bringing painting contractors to your property and inside your home is probably not your idea of a good time. We understand the nervousness that comes with this process, but please trust us this company is run by family and give respect to your home.  to respect your furnishings and your entire house with the same courtesy they would expect  Fully insured and licensed in Las Vegas, we take every step needed, including post-job cleanup, to show you our respect.








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 We install laminate flooring

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